Common mistakes men do in sex!


Common mistakes men do in sex!

What makes women and escorts sleep in bed? What should you not do to make a woman happy and irritated? What should you be careful not to ruin the mood or atmosphere during sex?

There are some common mistakes most men do in sex. Read our article to make the difference and not be like the other men. Women need more than you think!

We asked a few women and escorts Greece… and they responded. We bring their answers to you and hope to give a good helping hand. Do not do the same mistakes again in sex.

To push it to the end!

All women want to orgasm. But she doesn’t want to push you. If you ask her every now and then if she’s close or finished, all you can do is turn her off and never let her down.

Don’t wait for it to end!

Many men forget the magic rule “Ladies first“. Don’t have sex like you’re a race horse in a hurry to reach the finish. Deal with her, give her one or more orgasms and be sure she’ll get you back.

Don’t try to be the… Boss!

Unless we’re talking about role-playing games and domination. If not, don’t tell her what to do, how to do it and when to do it, and generally don’t be too bossy, you will regret it!

Don’t be off limits!

Most women argue that in order to have a mouth to part with their appetite, they need to be clean and not have too much hair in the area! You do not have to be waxed whole, but groom the area so that it wants to spend hours there, playing with its language.

Don’t be anxious!

Do not be anxious, because all you will have are erection or duration problems. Relax and feel good about yourself! Don’t be scared about whether you’ll like her, whether she likes it, whether you can afford it, whether you will do well, etc.

This comes out and no woman likes it. She wants to feel that you are confident and know what you are doing. If something goes wrong again, it will just help you get over it again!

Don’t forget the foreplay!

If we are not talking about a “fast” between you and your partner, in a moment of passion, then do not forget the foreplay. Women need them in order to be able to function and have a good time in bed.

There are so many interesting things to do, take advantage of them and be happy.

Don’t try to make your bed porn!

Yes, porn is sexy! But .. But life is not porn. Don’t expect your partner to have the same reactions to a porn starter or to work the same way! Like all other movies, porn is movies. So many of the things we see do not actually correspond!

If you naturally have a fetish and want something closer to it, then you can simply turn to a professional who will surely be able to provide a different experience. There are call girls for all tastes.

Don’t try to have sex without a condom!

A huge percentage of men want to have sex without a condom and it is something that bothers women. There are a lot of excuses around the subject: “They’re narrowing me down“, “I can’t have an erection“, “I want to feel you, not that“, “I can’t finish“. No women are interested.

Whether it will at some point decide for itself what it is and want it, is another matter. But don’t insist on trying to force it.

Don’t worry about size!

Men have always had a huge issue with their size! As a result there is stress, stress that comes out and disrupts the atmosphere. Guess what! It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t even have to be big!

A woman or greek escorts can even finish with one finger! So let the stress of your size aside and just enjoy sex!!!

Don’t neglect your hygiene!

They say that natural scents are aphrodisiac! It applies… The smell of a man or a woman attracted to us can wake us up in seconds. But there must be personal hygiene.

You can’t expect a person to lick you all over or stick to you while you’re not bathing and smelling bad. Bad effect and be sure that she would prefer not to be in bed again!

Don’t confuse the ‘entrances’!

As we said before, porn is porn, but in reality some things don’t! Many men, however, do not think so !! Never try to get into her mouth after the anal or elsewhere without changing a condom.

There are bacteria out there that we wouldn’t want to carry elsewhere!

Don’t avoid the kiss!

A large percentage of men, he seems to kiss his partner, have made him mouth. It’s ugly, it’s stupid and it’s also a lack of respect. How would you feel if you pushed your head away while you were kissing her while you were just licking her?

That’s how she feels! Don’t do it if you want to keep wanting to have sex with you!

Don’t talk too much!

No woman likes silent sex! They want all the bruises and touch… But no woman wants a man who talks too much! It’s nice to talk to her, to feel her presence, to make her shudder while whispering in her ear, but don’t overdo it.

Everything wants measure. If you talk incessantly, it will surely fade.

Don’t wear your socks!

A large percentage of men simply do not take off their socks during sex. It’s funny, it turns off your partner and it definitely doesn’t make you look sexy or interesting !! The opposite! Take off your socks…

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3 Sexy Games to Play in Bedroom


The truth is that finding which games you and your boyfriend like most is a matter of “personal taste“. The crucial thing is to locate what you both like by doing some trial, and that’s what these 3 sex games are for. You wonder who told us about it? Of course, the special Athens Escorts Babes!

When you do some trial and error, you’ll unavoidably find that there are a great deal of things that you don’t appreciate a lot, while there are various other things that you never ever thought you ‘d adore rather as much as you do. With sex games like these, the goal is to simply enjoy on your own, increase your horizons, as well as try to bring some playfulness back to your sex life.

OK, here it goes…

1. Fantasy Fulfiller

The basic idea behind “Fantasy Fulfiller” is that you are most likely to have a risk-free and fun way to check out each other’s dreams. What you and also your guy are most likely to do is make a note of each of the dreams that you most intend to try on a small notepad. After that you are going to fold each piece of paper and placed them all into a hat. When you do this, ensure that both of you put in an equal amount of fantasies.

To make this simpler and also much less uncomfortable, you are going to have three hats. The first one is going to have fantasies that are rather tame, things like your person wearing something attractive or making love in candlelight. The following hat will be a little bit kinkier. It could involve things like having a threesome or doing something rowdy in public. The last hat will after that have your wildest fantasies.

To play this sex video game, you are most likely to take turns taking papers out of the hat and afterwards experiment with the dream with your sweetheart. You are most likely to first beginning with the “vanilla” hat, after that when that’s completely cleared, you need to move onto the “intermediate” hat, prior to ending up with the “wildest” hat.

While this is a fun, fair method to go over and also raise your fantasies with your male, there’s a chance they won’t be so comfy with trying each and every single one of your dreams and also vice-versa. So this is why you need to use a veto if either of you is uneasy with something.

I’ve located that this actually is just one of the very best sex video games to have fun with your guy, to finest uncover each other’s fantasies. A terrific method to surprise him while playing is to make a note of one of your fantasies as offering HIM a strike task. He will be pleasantly stunned.

2. Taking It Public

Doing mischievous points in public with your guy can truly be hot, yet it’s not always the best sex game for everyone. Some individuals are uneasy with the idea and also I never ever encourage individuals to do anything that could be unlawful.

The initial suggestion that enters your mind when you think of “public play” is getting it on in public. The funny thing is that there is a lot greater than this when it comes being rowdy with your man in public. Plus this is normally prohibited anyway!

Here are a few things to try with your man:

Kissing: I understand… This is pretty tame and also could not be much more noticeable! However kissing in public is still warm. You can give your partner a quick peck on the cheek. Or, you can take it up a notch and opt for full on French kissing. You can do it at popular sites or if you like, you can do it some place deserted.
Seems like I’m Wearing Nothing At All: This next one is a whole lot kinkier as well as something that your man can’t truly do as properly. The next time you are out in public with your guy and are wearing a skirt, remove your underwear as well as provide to him. Inform him, “It feels better this way.” He won’t mind but he will be extremely, very turned on.

3. The Big Tease

The next method that I’m most likely to reveal you actually is among the most effective sex games to have fun with your man. In fact, it’s something that you should attempt to incorporate right into your partnership whether you’re 18 or 80 to maintain points enjoyable as well as intriguing. You do not even have to obtain that sexual or kinky when utilizing this one for it to work well.

The whole idea is that you are going to carefully tease as well as tinker your man all day long. For the function of this one, you will certainly be rather sexual in your teasing. Maybe something as straightforward as sending him a couple of messages stating points like, “I’m going to do some actually rowdy points to you… however not right now” or “I hope you can wait up until the end of the day, I got something very hot planned for you!

Or perhaps, if you are both out in public with each other you could try leaning right into your male as well as saying, “Why are we right here and not in your bed right now? I desire I wasn’t really feeling so sexy” or “If we weren’t in such a crowded area now, I would certainly jump you. I hope you don’t mind.

It’s that straightforward! Then when you finally do get a possibility to have sex with each other, your guy will certainly be so pencil up as well as it will certainly be a lot more passionate than usual.

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